Sea To Sky Immersive

is a diverse group of creatives that design and implement immersive story telling experiences. Our experiences are designed with non-invasive or invisible technology that tell the story in your space.

What We Do

At Sea To Sky Immersive, we create multi-sensory story telling experiences that are designed to fit into your venue. Through collaboration with clients, S2S Immersive transforms existing spaces into unique, turn key environments that give voice to the story you want to tell.

Ideally suited for themed museums, historic sites, cultural centre, and other memory institutions, S2S Immersive offers three different space specific story types – literary, historical, and fictional.

Sea To Sky’s creative expertise was developed in theatrical story telling. Our desire to break the boundaries of traditional story delivery, combined with our team’s multi-disciplinary skills enable the audience to become part of  the story. 

Current Projects

An Immersive Christmas Carol
An Immersive Christmas Carol
Billy Miner Immersive Show
Hands Up: The Legend Of Billy Miner
The Trees Tell The Story
The Talking Tree Project

Our Process


Discovery is the dreaming and imagining stage. It is essential for the creation of an amazing final product, to explore your vision, understand the story you want to tell, and learn the unique elements of your venue. Our creative team works with you to discover the flow of the space and develop an initial concept of how the story will unfold. 

Story Design

Whether we are creating a whole new story for you, or we are molding one of our popular experiences into your space, a fresh outline suited to your context is created. This story outline is used to develop all the other components of your immersive experience including scripting, technology choice, and flow.

Bringing It To Life

Once the story design is complete, and the script is finalized, the recording of the characters begins. Simultaneously, our sound designer creates and records the sound track while our lighting designer and projection specialist develop the visual effects that will tie it all together. 

After all the individual components are assembled, they are brought together and the show is programmed. resulting in a unique immersive experience designed specifically for your venue.


The next step is fitting the immersive experience in your venue. Our installers are professionals in their field and will install the non-invasive technology.  The show will then be extensively tested to make sure that it runs flawlessly.


The confidence of your team in the show is very important to us. And even though your show is designed to be turn-key, our team will train and support staff and volunteers, ensuring that they are confident in their ability to run the show.

Interested in learning more about Sea To Sky Immersive? We would love to hear from you. Just click on the button to send us a message.